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Let's face the facts. Times are hard and families need to look for every option they can find to save money. A company by the name of Solavei has created an opportunity for families to reduce their costs in many different areas

First by simply reducing their cell phone costs can be a huge step in saving money. The average cell phone plan with data, text and voice run around $75.00 per month. Through Solavei you can can reduce that cost down to about $39/m and get unlimited voice, text, talk and data

By sharing with a few friends that cost can be reduced to zero

  • Share with just 3 friends and you will only pay about $24/m
  • Share with 6 friends and your cost will be reduced to about $9/m
  • Share with 8 and your cost is zero

Solavei gives you $5.00 per month for each person that you bring to the Solavei Family. Once your cell phone costs are free they deposited any excess earning on to your Solavei Visa Card which is given free of charge to anyone who becomes a part of Solavei

You can load or transfer money onto this card and use it like a bank account. By going through the Solavei Marketplace you can receive additional savings in the form of cash backs. There are over 16,000 retailers in the Solavei Marketplace offering cash backs from 1% to 20%. This combined with the reduced cost in your cell phone bill can be a tremendous savings for many families struggling with making ends meet.

For more information concerning Solavei click here

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