The employment trends in the US are looking bleak. Having the ability to earn a living is becoming harder and harder. The old paradigm, go to school get a good job retire comfortably, is not working anymore. Families and individuals are desperately trying to save money and make ends meet

Consider that…

Starting in 2014 Obamas Affordable Health Care Act will require businesses to provide a qualified health plan to anyone who works more than 30 hour per week or pay a $2000.00 fine. In testimony before Congress the National Federation of Independent Business testified that this is a “new low”. 

Every employer will be forced to define part-time employment as being under 30 hours a week and most will use between 20-27.5 hours just to be safe.  This will cut part timers income and leave a hole in employment. 

According to The University of Berkeley Center for Labor research 2.3 million workers or nearly 2% are at great risk of having hours cut below 30 hours a week. Labor advocates in the service industry are calling it the “Obama Dodge.”

When you combine this with the fact that according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics approximately 41.4% of the population over 16 is unemployed and that the last time it was this low was in 1983

Even worse for young adults and minorities

When you combine this with other sources we find that the unemployment and underemployment rates for people under 25 were more than double those for workers over 35.

And young adult Hispanic workers experience unemployment rates of 25 percent higher than those of whites, while African Americans face rates approximately double.

It is not just the younger population that is in trouble…..

According to CBS News Money Watch, Many baby boomers approaching retirement are finding that they haven't taken sufficient measures to replace their former paychecks with reliable income that lasts the rest of their lives. This represents a significant challenge for individual families and our society in general — a challenge that needs attention.  

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