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I confess, that like many others, there were moments I wanted to quit. You see I was a hardcore Network Marketing (MLM) junkie who desperately tried over and over again to succeed in this industry but always seemed to come short
I absolutely believe in the Network Marketing dream of achieving long term residual income that would pay me even while I was asleep.
Yet despite the many naysayers who entered my life I refused to quit and I began reading every book I could find including Robert Kiyosaki’s book "The Business of the 21st Century", Richard Poe’s "Wave Books" (1-4), Richard Fenton’s "Go For No" book, Erric Worre’s "Go Pro" Book and hundreds more.
Not to mention spending thousands of dollars and thousands of hours attending workshops and training from numerous so-called gurus and experts only to continuously fail
Call me hard headed
But I Refused To Give Up!!
I refused to give up my dream even after failing for many years .. even after alienating family and friends I refused to give up the dream.
Then one day everything changed … I had an Epiphany!
Everything I had been studying came to light.
I started putting into action what I now call the “Secret Of The Power Trinity” … and my life has changed.
I began to teach others this secret and their lives began to change … we are no longer chasing the dream but we are living the dream
I am now on a mission to teach this secret to as many people who refuse to give up "the dream" .. who believe in the concept of Network Marketing and will take the time to learn.
At first I thought about selling this course. I have personally spent hundreds of dollars for inferior courses that did nothing for me.
But looking at my children I realized that there is one principal that I have always taught them to live by, a principal that has brought my family more blessings than any other.
That principal is summarized in these words “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into you..”
So for this reason I am giving away my complete training course for free. Putting together this 6 Video Training Course has been a labor of love that I truly hope and pray will help you to live your dream.
Have A Profitable New Year … Watch and Enjoy!



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